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Mileage Logs

When compiling your tax documents remember that…….yes….the IRS wants you to keep track of the mileage for business, rental, etc use. Here’s what they want (in written form) for your records.  If you get audited they may ask to see it. Which vehicle and for each Date: the address and mileage from place to place […]

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Your IRS Online account

You can look up various info on yourself on your online IRS account. Use this link Info you can see includes: -Key info from your current tax year return as originally filed -Your payoff amount, updated for the current calendar day -The balance for each tax year for which you owe -Up to 18 months […]

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Ohio Tax Amnesty Deadline – February 15, 2018

Time Is Running Out To Avoid Penalty on Paying Delinquent Ohio Income Tax Do you owe back taxes to Ohio?  If so, time is running out to take advantage of the Ohio Tax Amnesty program.  With this program, the state waives all penalties and half of the interest for those taxpayers who pay the full […]

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