(E)Mail-In Service

Tax Organizer

We have a handy dandy (E)Mail-in Service that will save you time and stress.

We can help!  Just take the following steps to have a stress-free, non-time consuming tax prep year AND get the lowest tax bill legally possible.

Step 1:  Give us a call.  We can email you a couple documents.  If you are a new client we may be able to give you a quote.

Step 2: Select Tax Organizer .  This is a not a “must do” for you to fill out but it does help with the process if you do and it is a great memory jogger to give you ideas of what items you need to provide.  Print, fill in by hand, and scan, fax, or mail it in to us.

Tip for the technologically challenged: fill-in the organizer, save it to your computer and then attach it to an email.

Step 2: Scan, fax, mail, or email your prior year tax return (federal, state, and city) to us.

Step 3: Scan, fax, mail or email your tax documents, business records, rental records, etc. once you have them ready.

Step 4:  We will email you the return for your review.  You can then print out the e-file authorization form and get it back to us.

Step 5: You can come in to pick up a copy of the return or we can mail or email it to you.