Mail Call! It’s the IRS! Yikes!

Mail Call! It’s the IRS! Yikes!

mailboxFirst ….Don’t Panic.  Maybe it’s a letter thanking you for paying taxes.   Probably not though.

Most letters about changes to your account.  The IRS gets notified of the tax documents that were issued in your social security number.  They do a match with what you filed on your return and if there is a mismatch then a letter goes out to correct it.  It’s possible you forgot to put something on your return and it’s also possible that the IRS isn’t allowing a deduction. In some cases you are actually entitled to the deduction but some explanation is needed.

Give us a call and we can help you figure out what must be done.

Careful though,  most letters have a deadline to be answered.

Colleen Minnich

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