Mileage Logs

Mileage Logs 21317463_2080718081953717_7233084092246656342_nWhen compiling your tax documents remember that…….yes….the IRS wants you to keep track of the mileage for business, rental, etc use.

Begusarai Here’s what they want (in written form) for your records.  If you get audited they may ask to see it.

Which vehicle and for each Date: the address and mileage from place to place and the business purpose.

The mileage deduction, per mile, for 2017 is as follows:


Business/Rental   54.5 cents per mile

Charitable   14 cents

Medical   18 cents


Business / Rental   53.5 cents per mile

Medical and Moving    17 cents per mile

Charitable    14 cents per mile

A commute to work and back by an EMPLOYEE is NOT deductible.

Colleen Minnich

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