sales tax holidayWell it’s that time of year.  School is about to start.  To help get you spending your money there is a tax break this weekend.

Here is the info from the Ohio Department of Taxation.


  • It’s pretty much all day this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (August 5th-August 7th)
  • What’s covered:
    • Items of clothing costing $75 or less (you can buy any amount of clothing….but items individually costing over $75 won’t qualify)
    • School supplies with prices of $20 or less per item (this includes book bags and calculators)
  • Types of clothing included: shoes and uniforms count along with the usual but NOT special shoes like ballet or cleats (stuff like that). See the Q&A on the Ohio Dept. of Taxation link above
  • The exemption is not for items purchased to be used in a trade or business.
  • A vendor/store must participate in this. The sales tax holiday is set by law.

Colleen Minnich

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