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Are You Considering Starting A Business?

Starting a business can be exciting and daunting at the same time.  The IRS offers tips to and things to consider: Business Structure.  An early choice to make is to decide on the type of structure for the business. The most common types are sole proprietor, partnership and corporation. The type of business chosen will determine which […]

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Gas prices are down!

Well, we humans aren’t the only ones that has noticed that gas prices have gone down. According to, average Ohio gas prices have fluctuated quite a bit over the last 72 months, ranging from $4.15 to $1.82 per gallon, with this being a very good time for buying gas.  The IRS has noticed too of course. […]

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Intentional disregard! $250 penalty PER 1099.

There is now a $250 penalty, PER 1099, for not providing a correct 1099 when one should have been issued. This is considered an intentional disregard.  There is no maximum penalty for the year. There are also penalties for filing them late. The tax return has 2 direct questions regarding 1099s that make it easy […]

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