The Ohio ID Quiz

The Ohio ID Quiz

Yikes!! Did you get a letter from the State of Ohio Department of Taxation saying you are required to confirm your identification?   Confusing, right?  Is it real?   Yep, it is.

Ohio is requiring many people to confirm their ID.  You will need to log in to the Ohio Department of Taxation of website.

There is an Identity Theft Quiz.

You will want to have your tax return handy and well as your memory quite intact.  The questions they ask are sometimes tricky….

  • They may give you 4 makes and models of cars and ask you which one you have ever owned.
  • They may give you a list of addresses and ask where you lived many years ago

You get a couple chances to take the quiz and pass.  You find out right away if you failed.  If you fail twice, then they have you send in documents instead.  This will surely hold up the processing of your return, so try your best to answer the questions correctly.

Colleen Minnich


  1. Meir Benit

    Hi, how do I open an account for HSA? I like your emails with these important information.
    Thank you

  2. Linda

    You are so right Frank!

  3. Frank Krempasky

    Identity theft is now a common tax problem. So even though this is inconvenient, it is for our own protection.